What calls?!

Didn't make a single phone call today.
Here are my excuses:

  • Stores are close Mondays.  Nope, not all of them.
  • My lookbook is in review.  True, but I know the main problems. Better fix them when I get home tonight.
  • It was too late after I finished my commission and gathering notes.  Should have started my day earlier.
  • Have been researching cold-calling tips.  It's true.  Even pretending on my cell to be talking to a live person.  Kind of boring, but my pitch is getting refined.  As is my voice quality and steadiness.
I did, however, list my top choices for fabrics and their vendors for when the orders do come through.  I bought the original yardage at a local jobber.  Wouldn't you know, I bought the only yardage of each.  When I started, I didn't think I'd be going straight through to producing this collection.  So that adds a nice kink.  So far it hasn't been awful.  I've found some new vendors that look interesting and feel solid about the ones I've maintained.