What You Missed

April is nearly over and a lot was accomplished. It's been hectic but beauty and inspiration is often found in the midst of chaos. (By chaos, I mean a busy environment, not a state of extreme confusion and disorder)

What went down in the lovely month of April? I'm glad I posed that question in order to spark your interest :) The second annual Craft Revival took place on Saturday, April 17th in Ferndale and if you weren't there you're a loser... just kidding, but you did miss out. The Craft Revival was presented by Handmade Detroit and featured local artists, designers and crafters. One of the featured designers was yours truly, Sarah Lapinksi, designer of Wound menswear.

Sarah's work was also featured in a sustainable fashion show this month. On April 20th a sustainable fashion show featuring Wound and Femilia took place at Rags. It was a great way to support a new way of design and construction of garments. One of the key items from the Wound line was an awesome jacket made out of hemp and dyed with coffee.

Check out these snap shots to see what went down.

These are things you could've bought at the Craft Revival!!!
This is the awesome jacket!!