We slayed the competition!

And all we got was a plaque;)  Champagne in our cereal!

The Wars of Other Men - Wardrobe Dept.

Ahhh, to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Wound did the costuming, which was so appropriate considering the context!  We wounded the clothes for the wounded soldiers and military is always a great inspiration.  One of the only things keeping American Garment Production Facilities cranking....

The Wars of Other Men Official Trailer from Jessica Grabowski on Vimeo.

Adult. Films!

I am an axe-weilding, power hungry paranoid beesh!
POSSESSION(S) from ADULT. on Vimeo.

Vice and Johnny Knoxville in the Hizzy!



                                         Davin made Motor City Sewing a proper sign!

Craft Revival!

WOUND has some goodies on display at this years Craft Revival hosted at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.
Have a bloody, pick up some new threads or just run through and say hello!


People's Art Fest

Every year, the Russell Industrial Center holds a wonderful event known as the People's Art Fest. The parking lot and some of the studios inside become taken over by vendors in booths, dancers, spray painters, DJ's, artists, magazines, and god knows what else!! This year, WOUND is taking over quite a large space with Angela McBride of Peace Love Spandex and will keep the studio open for passerbys. A new changing room, beverages and snacks, a beautiful green showroom, and the like will be open to all. So come on by, look for some crazy swagger, hang out and have fun! We all will, and that is a promise!

Canfield Street Market

City Bird, a wonderful supporting wonderful artists, such as WOUND menswear. Check out there website, head on in to the store. Guarantee you will not leave empty handed.  At the Canfield Street Market, the streets were loaded with people as they all checked out the stores and the awesome deals. We were involved, were you?


What do you get when you mix whales, a heart shaped balloon (better than a box, eh Kurt?), spray painted tee's, anagrams, Sarah's first quilt ever made, mixed drinks, awesome pizza, and put it all in Motor City Brewery? You get T.T.T.T.T., an art show thrown by Sarah Lapinski. Whale stuff animals, some spray painted tee's made up the collection.

Positive Attitude

More to come!!

Fashion Garage, Take dos

Here's what ya'll missed! Or if you were there, here are the memories we created!
Thrown at Femelia Couture's Showroom at 420 Hilton St, this pop up sale was a total hit!

Angela McBride and Kelly Lynn
Gone fishin'!
DJ Jefferson
Baby J looks for accessories for a styling gig
The front
Femelia Interns
Baby J (green) and J Star (sprinkles) danced with hangers while wearing crowns to attract drivers. It worked.


The Roof is on Fi-yah!

We've been poking around the Russell, investigating our neighbors. Found a pipe organ repair shop, massive glass blowing, secret fancy recording studios.  Glorious!

The purpose was to get on the roof and scout for Vice Magazine's online video site.  What started out as an innocent styling gig turned into a crazya$$ day of exploration.  My girl, Ko, was the fixer and supplied Vice with the local talent.  Rob comes over to hit the rooftop, per their request, and I make it happen with a little sweet talking:)  They call to cancel everything until the next day so we unwind and shot some product for the Etsy. As we wrap the shoot a call comes in to alert us that the Vice Squad is due to arrive in 10 minutes.  Woah!

Regroup.  Angela goes to greet them.  They descend upon her with a mike.  I finally meet up and she is shell shocked.  I'm then thrown in front of the camera to have an on camera conversation with a Mr. Johnny Knoxville.  Double woah!  A sweet, affable host, we rise to the challenge and offer up some local Detroit knowledge and pride.  Job well done!

Unfortch, not a picture was taken and the footage will most likely end up on the cutting room floor.  However, we went to new heights and made the decision to spruce up the front room, giving us a proper showroom.


Update:  We felt the need to go up again, this time with local singer/songwriter Patrick Davy, owner of some sweet one-of-a-kind early Wound and newer custom goods.  We're now scouting for our fashion DVD...

The Wall is Greener...on our side!

I've been holding it down in the Russell Industrial Center for almost 4 years now.  That in itself feels like a major achievement.  I have not done this alone.  As of late, I've had the dedicated help of 2 young, passionate, talented guns: Justin and Justin and more recently Joe.   And can I just say having Angela around has been an amazing boost and blessing!  That girl gets things done and quick!

Many of our discussions revolve around professionalizing our businesses.  One sure way, is to have an amazing showroom to welcome people and set the stage for sales, whether it be for their project or our product.

Motor City Sewing is divided into 2 spaces.  The front room has a closet and loft (thanks to former studio mate and all around amazing person, Jeannine Shinoda) and 185 sq. ft. to shout out our abilities and accomplishments.  Stay tuned for developments in our remodel...think flooring...Cheers!


Detroit Critical Mass!

Detroit is a great place to ride!  Didn't know so???   You don't have to worry much about congestion, we don't quite need bike lanes, there's rarely even a walker.  So ride on!  You own the roads, sidewalks and parking vistas.

Today is my first Critical Mass.  Riding through the city and it's neighborhoods always heightens my love.  So much diversity in dwellings, landscape and upkeep that you can't appreciate inside a 4 wheeled vehicle.  

"But what about safety?!", you say, "Isn't Detroit dangerous?"  
I don't know if Detroit is much like any other city, in that one block can have such a different feel from the next.  With each turn and pedal it hits you in the gut, good, bad or otherwise.  But the mass is critical!  They ride some 200 deep!  The riders at the forefront "cork" the roads like any good gang of bikers would and on we ride undeterred.  I would speculate that it's such an unexpected spectacle that it would put a smile on the most hardened.  Honestly, I hardly feel too anxious in this town and have had very little crime happen to me.  Not that it doesn't happen, just lucky I guess....knocking on wood.


Peoples Art Festival

What are you doing August 28th and 29th? Well this year you should spend it with WOUND at the Russell Industrial Center for the 4th Annual Peoples Art Festival! We will have a booth out in the parking lot selling clothes, dancing, make you all laugh. You know, the usual! Lots of interesting people will be selling there! Art, fashion, music, food, maybe some drinks, who knows! Last year when I went I did some spray painting. You know, the norm.

Judith Sallador will be selling her artwork both days! I love this girl, you have no idea :)


Not sure what this has to do with the above...just thought it was so pretty.

It was not meant that we voyage far...

Fall is going to be here sooner than we all realize. And we all know what that means! The perfect hoodies are all ready for purchase! Men will love these comfortable and warm hoodies.


It is image 19 of 22. While from an older show, this hoodie is coming back this season thanks to a sudden abundance of fabric. Missed getting one before? Well now is your chance!

Also, have you ever thought you could love someone if you didn't hate them so much? Ladies? Men? We all have, I am pretty sure. Well flaunt it out there, thanks to the shirts saying "I'd Love You if I Didn't Hate You So Much" in French. Language of love, no?

These shirts come in Small, Medium, & Large for both women & men. They come in Green or White for Men and also in Pink for women (or you men that look haut in pink! Hey, they are out there!!).

And the bike shirts have returned for men & women. Small, Medium & Large for both sexes. Green, Red & Orange for the men, and Green, Red, & sky blue for all you ladies!

Better get your paws on these before they run out! Keep your belly warm this year with Wound Menswear!

Pick Wound for the BEST!

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If you really love us, PROVE IT! ;)
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Fashion Garage Sale!

Were you there?

You should have been. =)