The Roof is on Fi-yah!

We've been poking around the Russell, investigating our neighbors. Found a pipe organ repair shop, massive glass blowing, secret fancy recording studios.  Glorious!

The purpose was to get on the roof and scout for Vice Magazine's online video site.  What started out as an innocent styling gig turned into a crazya$$ day of exploration.  My girl, Ko, was the fixer and supplied Vice with the local talent.  Rob comes over to hit the rooftop, per their request, and I make it happen with a little sweet talking:)  They call to cancel everything until the next day so we unwind and shot some product for the Etsy. As we wrap the shoot a call comes in to alert us that the Vice Squad is due to arrive in 10 minutes.  Woah!

Regroup.  Angela goes to greet them.  They descend upon her with a mike.  I finally meet up and she is shell shocked.  I'm then thrown in front of the camera to have an on camera conversation with a Mr. Johnny Knoxville.  Double woah!  A sweet, affable host, we rise to the challenge and offer up some local Detroit knowledge and pride.  Job well done!

Unfortch, not a picture was taken and the footage will most likely end up on the cutting room floor.  However, we went to new heights and made the decision to spruce up the front room, giving us a proper showroom.


Update:  We felt the need to go up again, this time with local singer/songwriter Patrick Davy, owner of some sweet one-of-a-kind early Wound and newer custom goods.  We're now scouting for our fashion DVD...