The Wall is Greener...on our side!

I've been holding it down in the Russell Industrial Center for almost 4 years now.  That in itself feels like a major achievement.  I have not done this alone.  As of late, I've had the dedicated help of 2 young, passionate, talented guns: Justin and Justin and more recently Joe.   And can I just say having Angela around has been an amazing boost and blessing!  That girl gets things done and quick!

Many of our discussions revolve around professionalizing our businesses.  One sure way, is to have an amazing showroom to welcome people and set the stage for sales, whether it be for their project or our product.

Motor City Sewing is divided into 2 spaces.  The front room has a closet and loft (thanks to former studio mate and all around amazing person, Jeannine Shinoda) and 185 sq. ft. to shout out our abilities and accomplishments.  Stay tuned for developments in our remodel...think flooring...Cheers!