Detroit Critical Mass!

Detroit is a great place to ride!  Didn't know so???   You don't have to worry much about congestion, we don't quite need bike lanes, there's rarely even a walker.  So ride on!  You own the roads, sidewalks and parking vistas.

Today is my first Critical Mass.  Riding through the city and it's neighborhoods always heightens my love.  So much diversity in dwellings, landscape and upkeep that you can't appreciate inside a 4 wheeled vehicle.  

"But what about safety?!", you say, "Isn't Detroit dangerous?"  
I don't know if Detroit is much like any other city, in that one block can have such a different feel from the next.  With each turn and pedal it hits you in the gut, good, bad or otherwise.  But the mass is critical!  They ride some 200 deep!  The riders at the forefront "cork" the roads like any good gang of bikers would and on we ride undeterred.  I would speculate that it's such an unexpected spectacle that it would put a smile on the most hardened.  Honestly, I hardly feel too anxious in this town and have had very little crime happen to me.  Not that it doesn't happen, just lucky I guess....knocking on wood.