Wabi-sabi Garden

I love my little growing world!

Dunno where this fashion crap came from.  

Sewing was rationalized as being a good skill to have for the new world order.   Shortly after receiving a degree in Urban/Labor Studies, I thought it might serve as a handy "language" for traveling the world, developing economies.  

The garden, the self-employment, is an extension of that throbbing to be self-sufficient, free, avoid the  matrix.  I can't lie, it's the most imperfectly perfect place in my world.  I just only have to walk out of my door to be there.

As if I had time to design for Wound!

Ever since I've been self-employed, Ithe work hasn't stopped!  Sewing for others.  Not a bad thing, really.  The plan is 2 fold: make money - put it in the bank; train up some stitchers to produce my line.  So if it takes another year to do it right, there's no issue.  I had a spare moment to pull out my sketches and swatches and stay connected to the absolute goal.  Contract sewing won't keep me from pushing tee's and making introductions to stores in other cities...thinking about Canada next:)

Decor 911

While snooping around the Russell for an appropriate place to have our next event (details to come), we found the motherload of abandoned movie props.  Because everyone needs a 10' light up sign.  Not to mention 4' painted hairdo options for an 80's urban barber shop, talking flat-top fade's ya'll!  Total inspiration.


Alice in WOUNDland

Hanger's spelling out WOUND outside the studio. Justin Milsk did that one yesterday, looking good! A little touch of flare, just as we all want here =)

It would appear so much has gone on in the past week. A new intern, some more mushroom shirts, a fixed serger, some capes, some active wear sweaters.

Joe is our newest intern here. Can you believe he is only 16!? Right now he is working on some styling on the mannequins; doing a good job too. I think he will fit in well here.

Like the mushroom shirt? Good news!! More are being made! Such a cute design.
Tell me, how can you not love this adorable shirt? Drapes in the front or can slope over the shoulders to keep you warm in the night time. With this, men and women will most certainly be the life of the party!

Let me just say, thank goodness for a fixed serger. It is so handy for all the work that goes on in here!!!

Recently, Marcie, a friend of Sarah's, came in and requested two capes for a show. If I may say, they looked so wonderful! Very costume but also wearable out on the town. I hope she shows them off. I know if I had one, I would totally wear one to go grocery shopping in. Why not, right?

We are working on some new active wear sweaters for a client. PTFE & DWR. Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is also called Teflon. DWR is a durable water repellent. These are both used in some fabrics to make them more durable for the weather. Hiking, skiing, etc. clothing all use materials made with these.

On a similar note, has anybody ever heard of Cocona products? They use cocona fibers & yarns that have activated carbon from the coconut shells. They trap and absorb odors and also block 95% of the suns UV rays!! How sweet is that?!?!

I found out about this while doing research yesterday. Pretty interesting, no?

On a much lighter note, has anybody seen the Alice In Wonderland with Mia Wasikowska & Johnny Depp. The fashion in it was so beautiful! Very Victorian meets the classic Alice.  Suits, ruffles, gold chains, heart logos, etc. etc. Alice in Wonderland  & Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There has always been my favorite stories since my childhood. If you haven't seen it, or even if you haven't paid any attention to the clothing, go look it up. I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Ciao!! ~Justin Smith~


Speak for Me

Don't you all just hate when you are so close to a project and something so minor yet so huge happens? For example, a machine decides to go bonkers... So many buttons needing a home on a shirt, no machine to help with... Sewing by hand can be a major hassle also... Thankfully, the repair man comes tomorrow. He's like a knight in shining armor around here :)

The work uniforms for Ronin Sushi Bar are almost done! Just pretty much waiting on those darn buttons.............  We have so much done, so close, so far away. The architecture is just beautiful. Here in the WOUND world, we make difficult projects look fun and simple.

Honey-Beein' Fierce!

Angela kickin' butt on those shirts!

All work...

And lots of play!

Baby J being Baby J

This is the broken button machine =(
Manuel left out and the shirt is stuck in the machine

Cloverfield Monster inspiration? Or just a blurry close up of the machine? You decide...

Who wants to help put ALL these onto some shirts?

Just a few of the Ronin shirts pressed and hung up. They are actually black, the flash makes it lighter, ya dig?

As you can all see, something is always happening here in the WOUNDland. We work, we have fun, and stuff breaks. Thus is life. On a lighter night, everyone is hard at work trying to decide what sort of inspiration we all feel. Who knows what will get the next installment of WOUND going, but I assure you, it will be spectacular!


Hey boys, got a hot date coming up? Perhaps prom or some sort of family gathering that you need to dress up for but still maintain your edgy style? Ladies, want to rep the city you should all be proud of?! Yeah, we thought so! So made in Detroit, for your styling purposes, we have spring ties with awesome colors and beautiful shirts styled after the mens Detroit Bicycle shirt! Better get your paws on these before they are all sold out!


Keep yo' swagga on!


Bravo! Bravo! 2010 Destination: Fashion

Bravo is the biggest yearly banger held in support of the Michigan  Opera Theatre in Detroit...Yes, we have one here in Detroit and people from in and outside of the city enjoy it's fairly diverse programming and glorious architecture.  Classical Romanticism on the inside, all modern encasement.  Wound was a featured designer alongside longtime fashion mainstay's, Mark England and Cedi Johnson (one of whom, told me over the velvet rope, that he was the host of an upcoming style show soon to air on Bravo the network!!!); fashion exports, Tracey Reese, Anna Sui and Joe Faris; and contemporaries such as Femilia and Kelly Lynn Tinsley.

Basically, I stood, danced, ate and drank at my model's side while grabbing anyone that looked interesting and chatting them up.  Everyone is there to have a good time and I will give it!
As a designer slash artist, I don't have to entirely behave, wild and free to be me.

Early on, I rallied as the ONLY dancer at the Paxahau stahe (you know, the geniuses who took on the production for Movement, aka the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and kept it a world class event) later to be joined by designer Cedi Johnson causing rain, thunder and lightning.  Matt Clark played until the wind started spitting on equipment! Next you could find me shadow dancing on the mainstage during Will Sessions.  Sssshhhhh!  They put the kibosh on that before the public got any ideas, but not until the crowd could witness my highkicks in my 5 inches.  I could later be found chatting up David DiChiera, Director and all around charming fellow, of the MOT.  Autotune, chicken nuggets, Monica Blair...