Alice in WOUNDland

Hanger's spelling out WOUND outside the studio. Justin Milsk did that one yesterday, looking good! A little touch of flare, just as we all want here =)

It would appear so much has gone on in the past week. A new intern, some more mushroom shirts, a fixed serger, some capes, some active wear sweaters.

Joe is our newest intern here. Can you believe he is only 16!? Right now he is working on some styling on the mannequins; doing a good job too. I think he will fit in well here.

Like the mushroom shirt? Good news!! More are being made! Such a cute design.
Tell me, how can you not love this adorable shirt? Drapes in the front or can slope over the shoulders to keep you warm in the night time. With this, men and women will most certainly be the life of the party!

Let me just say, thank goodness for a fixed serger. It is so handy for all the work that goes on in here!!!

Recently, Marcie, a friend of Sarah's, came in and requested two capes for a show. If I may say, they looked so wonderful! Very costume but also wearable out on the town. I hope she shows them off. I know if I had one, I would totally wear one to go grocery shopping in. Why not, right?

We are working on some new active wear sweaters for a client. PTFE & DWR. Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is also called Teflon. DWR is a durable water repellent. These are both used in some fabrics to make them more durable for the weather. Hiking, skiing, etc. clothing all use materials made with these.

On a similar note, has anybody ever heard of Cocona products? They use cocona fibers & yarns that have activated carbon from the coconut shells. They trap and absorb odors and also block 95% of the suns UV rays!! How sweet is that?!?!

I found out about this while doing research yesterday. Pretty interesting, no?

On a much lighter note, has anybody seen the Alice In Wonderland with Mia Wasikowska & Johnny Depp. The fashion in it was so beautiful! Very Victorian meets the classic Alice.  Suits, ruffles, gold chains, heart logos, etc. etc. Alice in Wonderland  & Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There has always been my favorite stories since my childhood. If you haven't seen it, or even if you haven't paid any attention to the clothing, go look it up. I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Ciao!! ~Justin Smith~