Speak for Me

Don't you all just hate when you are so close to a project and something so minor yet so huge happens? For example, a machine decides to go bonkers... So many buttons needing a home on a shirt, no machine to help with... Sewing by hand can be a major hassle also... Thankfully, the repair man comes tomorrow. He's like a knight in shining armor around here :)

The work uniforms for Ronin Sushi Bar are almost done! Just pretty much waiting on those darn buttons.............  We have so much done, so close, so far away. The architecture is just beautiful. Here in the WOUND world, we make difficult projects look fun and simple.

Honey-Beein' Fierce!

Angela kickin' butt on those shirts!

All work...

And lots of play!

Baby J being Baby J

This is the broken button machine =(
Manuel left out and the shirt is stuck in the machine

Cloverfield Monster inspiration? Or just a blurry close up of the machine? You decide...

Who wants to help put ALL these onto some shirts?

Just a few of the Ronin shirts pressed and hung up. They are actually black, the flash makes it lighter, ya dig?

As you can all see, something is always happening here in the WOUNDland. We work, we have fun, and stuff breaks. Thus is life. On a lighter night, everyone is hard at work trying to decide what sort of inspiration we all feel. Who knows what will get the next installment of WOUND going, but I assure you, it will be spectacular!