Spring 2009: Mumbai Grafitti Glam: 1st Solo Collection

December 6, 2008

"Inspired by the flavors of curry and tamarind while backed by the pulsing imagery of glam rock, the award-winning WOUND Menswear's latest collection is simmering with texture and pattern.  Proportions get shrunk and lean on a diet of bold color and exploratory distortions.  This glitter dandy is whistling by the roadside, kicking up his feet and charming the girls and boys.  Futuristic impulses are kept restrained by an Indian romanticism.  This collection marks a break with the past as the first solo edition by noted designer Sarah Lapinski.  WOUND is designed for the iconoclast, the dreamer, the wounded warrior."

A year after my partner decided to bail, I finally dusted myself off to see what I was made of.  I was the designer, pattern maker, cutter and sewer.  These are the results:
Photos: Nicola Kuperus Model: Marc Fellis