Claim Your Birthright!

Not a resolution, but a proclamation.

I never did anything with my degree. Nothing typical, standardized, or regulated at least. So here I am, 10 years later, with a half-functioning clothing line and a lot of experience waiting tables!

I got fired my last table waiting job, it's a long story. I suppose I should start this blog with honesty and carry that theme on through. I now get money from Uncle Sam. I call it my government grant (GG). Disclaimer: I have put out a resume or two, cast some lines. I'm being upright and stuff.

I just showed my collection, followed by a trunk sale. I have 6 months of GG. As of now this is the plan:  Set up photoshoot with the darling Nicola, and model boys Dom and Jeffrey; wait for confirmation from shy and blue-eyed Matthew; Turn photos into lookbook, complete with technical drawings and order forms; Identify local-ish shops that I have a relationship with AND create new relationships; Hit the road to sell, sell, sell; Line up my fabric and trim.

Then, guess what?!? I manufacture in the "D"! Don't believe me? 3 years ago, my former partner and I, out of frustration and determination, opened a contract sewing facility. We christened it Motor City Sewing. What a headache. (I will save this story for later...) My partner quite MCS 3 months later and Wound 3 months after that, in what was to be a half year of stomachaches.

I still have the space, the equipment and renewed vigor! Watch out 2010!!!!