Cold-chillin, cold-calling

Gonna get buzzed on coffee and head to the studio.  Gotta finish/start some projects and get cracking on those phone calls.  I have to return home with swatches to scan and upload, organize some dates for travel, and gather numbers for fabric hunting and production.

While in some of these towns, I'll be checking out manufacturers and jobbers, as well.  Gotta have some back-up.  I have a friend in Chicago with a store and she cuts all her own garments, then schleps them to her manufacturer.   I can do that, if I don't end up hiring my own staff.  The major reason against hiring my own staff, is that I don't want to have to let them go when we finish up my order.  I want to keep them in steady work, keep the needles running, as they say.  If I can't be a reliable source of income, how can I expect them to be a reliable source of labor.  I just have to find people who don't mind working contractually.  As we grow to like each other and the environment we create, I can take on more jobs to keep them busy.