Dialing with Pleasure: How to make those tough calls.

If there is one thing I could put off, it's making phonecalls.  Not just any phonecall, but serious inquiry's.  I would rather ask those questions over email where I can take time to compose my thoughts and not interpret verbal cues as being dismissive.

Why I let shop keeps and vendors intimidate me, I don't know.  This is even before I pick up the phone.  An inner dialogue goes on in my brain to scare me.  Ultimately, it is the fear of rejection.  Steps must be taken to overcome this skewed perspective!

Some people are very powerfully positive about their product and the amazing effect it will have on your life, sometimes to a level reaching obnoxious.  I would rather hire a salesperson.  I've gotten my share of praise and attention for my brand, unfortunately it often has the opposite effect.  "They're just being nice."  It's time to get out of my safety zone.  Here are a few tactics to employ:
  • Reframe my perspective.  I need to dig deep and find my core confidence.  Look at my portfolio and remind myself that I am just as good (or better!) than anything out there.  Realize that stores and vendors are looking for new business.  Anticipate a store or vendors hesitation at working with someone new and provide them with the depth of my experience.  Get excited about your product!
  • Prepare a script.  Write down my talking points.  The best speakers always prepare notes and they practice, practice, practice. 
  • "No" is not the end of the world.  I say no sometimes, too.  It's not because I think a thing is awful, necessarily.  There could be a number of reasons.  Instead of wasting energy trying to convince the few doubters/haters,  focus on seeking out those who see the genius instantly;)
  • Willingness to be persistent.  Turn that weak no into a yes.  Try again later.  Don't be discouraged.  Let them know you are serious, you are in the game.  Find out when would be a good time to talk and call them back.  If they are busy, reschedule until you are in their face.  People are busy, they get distracted.  I know I do!
  • Ask questions.  Find out what their needs are.  Ask for referrals or recommendations.
  • Surround yourself with cheerleaders.  It doesn't hurt to have a few people rooting for you, telling you how great you are, reminding you there is nothing to fear.  If it helps you get the job done, do it.
If anyone out there has words of wisdom for me, I'm all ears!