First things First

So I thought everyone would be heading to the shows, i.e. Magic, mid-February.  I forgot about all the shows in NYC, most importantly Capsule.  That starts next Sunday the 17th, or at least that's when the party starts.
That doesn't really work with my timeline of hitting the stores face-to-face before they blow their wads.

Then I got myself nervous.  Designing the layout for the book is easy and enjoyable.  Making phonecalls, not so much.  I will be changing that perspective ASAP.  I've definitely done many things in my life without checking the rulebook, with great results.  But this is serious, it's technical.  So I made a few calls to friends in the industry before I assaulted stores in my innocent arrogance.

A trusted friend told me to have my lookbook tight, with order form and technical drawings, fully PDF, BEFORE any call.  Cool.  Last night I drafted my first Order Form template.

Another friend, formerly in sales, recounted that a lot of her business came from door-to-soor sales rather than the tradeshows.  That's reassuring.  The advice I picked up on was to have a good fit and show it on a body.  I need to find a boy to go on tour with.  Do you think they'd mind a manne?!?