The Weeks To-Do

I feel like I got  lot of leisure time in this weekend.  Even if I barely left the hizzy!  Sheeeet.

My mind stays preoccupied with receptive feelers out gathering code and process.  Monday is go time.  I will work with intensity this week.  I need to leave the thumb-sucking crib and enter the world of giants.  Of course, by starting with baby steps.  Gotta crawl before you can walk.  I hope I don't have to grovel, though!

No, no, seriously, I've got to start the phone-calling.  I am bolstered by the fact that I have a pro look-book and polished website.  Those tools combined will show that I can hack it and one would be a fool not to carry my line.  I will build the first relationships regionally.  Hell, if they don't bite, I will cast my line farther.  Opening Ceremony, anyone?  Just in time for the Olympics!  What's to lose.  Can't worry about dignity, right?!?  The regional plan has so many benefits and contemporary morality.  Think of the reduced shipping and drive time, the loyalty to ourselves and our economies, the flexibility, immediacy, non-profligacy, relevancy, mercy.

Designing for Fall/Winter 2010.  It's going to be gorgeous, handsome, succulent.