Noone said it would be easy.

Why is running a fashion line so hard???  Is every business this labrynthine?  I guess if was easy, everybody would do it.  Read The Dip, study the law of 80/20, make a vision map, sell your soul.  Then you will have a clothing line.

I learned a while back, through experience, and one amazing woman, Kathleen Fasanella, and her book The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing, that one should identify oneself as a manufacturer.  (I get no goodies from linking to her, just social sweetness.)  I own her book, dog-eared, high-lighted, yada yada.  Sure, I could sit and doodle pretty dresses all day and some fairy godmother will get them all sold, made and shipped for me, depositing my handsome profit in the IRA, but that is not a reality! 

I just rewatched "Seamless", the documentary following 3 of 10 finalists on the road to winning the CFDA's New Garde award of mentorship and $200,000.  Here is a great review.   In my mind, you win GenArt, then Ecco and then, shoot for CFDA.  I would personally prefer this over the instant fame of Project Runway.  The industry leaders note that it took Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren 20 years to turn a profit.   How can you not, then, love Plokhov's existential query, "When do I get to enjoy my f-ing brioche?!"

In Detroit, there are no jobs for me.   Nothing in fashion, unless you want to work at the mall.  It causes one to hustle.  I have sewn a little bit of everything, glad to put my assets to use.  Might hit up the strip joints on Michigan Ave. (a 5 minute walk!) and hand out biz cards.  Nice mark-up on those skimpy frillies!   I do believe you can run a clothing business out of any city if you have the ambition and brains.  The internet is your friend.

Ultimately, a business partner would be divine.  Someone to slap your hand when you're over-purchasing over-priced goods.  Someone to calculate your costs and mark-up.  Someone who can be your friend, someone who cares....

Contract Sewing gig: 12' x 200' curtain sewn for artists industrial studio space to keep out the cold!