You know, the biggest inspirations for me currenty are actually BMX videos and Kung-fu movies.
Seriously.  People that take their craft into the realm of the supernatural.  The skills and relationship the riders have with their bikes is so impressive.  They're like super heroes.  They make it look easy.  But what you don't always see is how many times they have to fall to get that good.  I mean you can find much footage of bloopers but it's their willingness to keep pressing to get the trick.   That is where I am right now.  I've hit a few obstacles but they are only tests of my strength and will.  It may take a decade or two to realize the dream fully and honestly it may never be fully reached.  That's not the point though, right?!  It's the journey.  This is also true for the martial arts.  What I take from them, primarily, is the obsession with discipline, the humility and spirituality.