I felt a little burned out shooting this collection 3x.  But our crew and location was freshhh.   After rounding up some willing (and less-willing) boys, we settled on a two locations.  Somehow I always manage to get local bands to do the shoots.  Musicians have that performers spark and swagger.  They are artists and plenty good-looking!

Count on my brain to do some last minute monkeying.  The locations were to be friends homes.  I was feeling unsettled though.  My collection was Spring/Summer 2010.  I was getting a tucked-in, hibernation vibe from the domiciles.

A quick phone call and we moved it to the Belle Isle Conservatory after consulting their website.  Nicola, Mama Bear, called in the morning to confirm their openess.  Confirmed.  Weather check: should permit.  Woke up to a gray snowfall with plenty of diffused light.  I think everyone was due for a day of nature, a trip to the desert.  I know I was thrilled!  The plan was to act like it was a college project, that we were innocents.  They did not get the plows out this morning.  I might as well pull up on the lawn - only to see a hand-written sign of premature closure.  Aurrgh.  Already cancelled with my homie's.  Not to be deterred!

The BIC in summer:

by Mary Stebbins Taitt