What I've been up to....

Umm so yeah, not the most prolific blogger.  If I vow to keep them short and sweet, I think I'll post more.

Mostly, I have been sewing for dollars:)  Prototypes, custom gear and product for upcoming shows I'm selling at.  I picked up two indy films, so no money there, but name in the credits and creative control.  I think it's a good start, fair trade.  Both crews are very accomplished, passionate and have follow through.  Who doesn't like working with pros?!

One of the flicks is about a DJ chick turned diva star.  It will be feature length and feature lot's of Wound. Yay! It's a little campy, which has got to be one of my fave genres.  I'm looking forward to this as I look back with nostalgia to the raver days/daze.    The other film is a war story with some pathos and cgi.  It takes place in an alternate reality of the 20's so I took mesarurements up to the navel in case we pull those pants up.   Also, love military styling.  I will have fun amping up the stock surplus and may make a few custom pieces.

Not sure if the movies are my racket but I think I'll enjoy what I can, see where it takes me.  I look at it like sleep away camp, which was a great experience for me.  A bunch of different types thrown into a living situation of almost constant contact with a few weeks of serious bonding and then you scatter back to your previous existence. 

Here's a short featuring two of the principles, the writer/director/main babe of The Syriana Tate Interview, Mare Costello and sidekick, Ric Rosario....