Professional Polish

You could read that to be my ethnicity, which would be accurate, or to the sheen I'm upkeeping on my enterprises.

Finally got around to getting business cards.  I've slowly been peeling away at the Wound cards gotten in the early days.  It still had my former associates name and number listed (sorry if you got any unwarranted calls, boo!).  Now, it's just me:)  Our website used to go by woundsofsarah.com, which we thought was pretty hilarious at the time.  Soon after, I claimed WoundMenswear.com, which is more business-like and the cards reflect that adjustment.

The Contract Sewing hustle never had pro cards, just printed and cut at home.  Which worked fine, but I want to grow that hustle more.  Ultimate plan, still being to produce my line in Detroit.  I put an ad on Craigslist and 2 wonderful stitchers surfaced.  I have a button front shirt job on the table for a restaurant which is perfect for establishing a flow when it comes time to do mines!  One of the stitcheretta's has factory supervision and floor experience direct from China, the other runs her own sewing op about an hour and a half from here, less immediately useful, but good to know.  And she's skilled, man.  

I got the cards via Vistaprint.  Shame not to buy local, right?!  But they make it soooo easy.   Anyhow, I threw in a banner and spent enough to qualify for free shipping.   NOTE:  before I buy anything online, I always google the product or brand + "coupon".  I was heavily rewarded for doing this before purchasing my vista cards.  From $19.99 down to $3.99 and the option to receive free shipping.  Holla!