We slayed the competition!

And all we got was a plaque;)  Champagne in our cereal!

The Wars of Other Men - Wardrobe Dept.

Ahhh, to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Wound did the costuming, which was so appropriate considering the context!  We wounded the clothes for the wounded soldiers and military is always a great inspiration.  One of the only things keeping American Garment Production Facilities cranking....

The Wars of Other Men Official Trailer from Jessica Grabowski on Vimeo.

Adult. Films!

I am an axe-weilding, power hungry paranoid beesh!
POSSESSION(S) from ADULT. on Vimeo.

Vice and Johnny Knoxville in the Hizzy!



                                         Davin made Motor City Sewing a proper sign!

Craft Revival!

WOUND has some goodies on display at this years Craft Revival hosted at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.
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